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M Patrick Carroll Philanthropist

Achieving success in the business world brings financial rewards and professional recognition. A highly adept business owner also feels a strong sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. Many successful entrepreneurs also choose to share their good fortune with their surrounding community. To illustrate, M Patrick Carroll, Founder and CEO of the Atlanta-based CARROLL real estate investment firm, has made personal and corporate philanthropy a major part of his life.

M Patrick Carroll has provided financial support to numerous charitable organizations throughout the region. In addition, he actively volunteers with several local non-profit groups.

HOPE Atlanta Benefits From CARROLL Donation

In September 2021, CARROLL donated $250,000 to HOPE Atlanta, a metro Atlanta non-profit organization focused on fighting and preventing homelessness. During the next five years, CARROLL has committed to making annual contributions to the charitable group.

HOPE Atlanta has taken a large-scale approach to solve the homelessness crisis. To illustrate the scope of , the organization currently houses and provides meals for 16,000 households. Program recipients live in 31 metro Atlanta and North Georgia counties. During the COVID-19 pandemic, HOPE Atlanta has experienced an almost threefold increase in calls for assistance.

Putting CARROLL’s Donation in Perspective

HOPE Atlanta has recognized the CARROLL donation’s large-scale positive impact on the community. , puts the donation in perspective.

M Patrick Carroll explains the organization’s strong emphasis on improving its surrounding communities. “At CARROLL, we don’t just invest in real estate; we invest in the communities where we are active. Atlanta, being home to our national headquarters, is particularly important to our company,” Carroll noted.

M Patrick Carroll’s Strong Belief in Philanthropy

Through M Patrick Carroll’s business and financial acumen, CARROLL has become a respected real estate investment industry leader. While Carroll has continued to expand the Company’s investment portfolio, he has also focused on finding ways to support the larger community.

In fact, Carroll is a strong advocate for a business model that emphasizes giving back in varied ways. As part of that paradigm, he encourages his employees to consistently contribute to their communities.

Support for Metro Atlanta Non-profit Organizations

M Patrick Carroll’s real estate industry experience has given him an appreciation of the role that stable, affordable housing can play in an individual’s quality of life. To help support Atlanta-area residents who are working toward homeownership, Carroll actively participates in local Habitat for Humanity programs.

M Patrick Carroll’s Pandemic-Era Support

On a larger scale, M Patrick Carroll launched the #billionaireschallenge campaign, a high-level social media effort to encourage other business leaders to step up as well. To kick off this ambitious undertaking, Carroll pledged to personally donate $100,000.

Finally, M Patrick Carroll’s personal COVID-19 experience helped to solidify his commitment to supporting others during this difficult time. He shared insights on how his own COVID-19 battle spurred him to help others who faced their own challenges.

“Some of the most impactful projects I am currently working on are [geared] toward COVID-19 relief. As a recent survivor of COVID-19, I have seen firsthand the damage this disease can cause. This has profoundly impacted my way of life and everyone around me in ways I could have never imagined.

“I knew I had to do something to thank our frontline healthcare workers, so I donated to more than 10 food banks this week, as well as sending meals to three local hospitals in Atlanta for several days. I’ve donated more than $100,000 to feed families in my hometown of Atlanta, in addition to funding lunches and dinners for hospital workers. These are just some of the projects I am investing my time in right now, as I want to help as many people as possible get through this crisis,” he concluded.

Empowering Others to Achieve Their Goals

M Patrick Carroll’s notable business achievements have been accompanied by a desire to positively impact others. He provides financial support to over 50 charitable organizations around the globe. Carroll focuses on charities that mirror his personal dedication to health and wellness.

Inspiring Younger Generations of Entrepreneurs

Carroll also serves as a successful role model for youth. In addition to setting a positive example for his sons, he often serves as a motivational speaker throughout the region. While encouraging upcoming entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals, he also advocates a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset that fosters achievement.

M Patrick Carroll also maintains a strong connection to Tampa, Florida, where he spent much of his childhood. A former graduate of Tampa’s Jesuit High School, he provides scholarships for students and serves as a motivational speaker.

He is also on the Board of Directors for . This respected organization focuses on character development as the foundation of personal and professional achievement. Carroll often delivers motivational speeches in which he stresses that there are multiple ways for determined, resourceful young people to achieve success.

To illustrate this point, he points to his own meteoric rise in the real estate investment industry. By carving out a distinctive path, he has risen to the pinnacle of this highly competitive field. “I don’t fit the bill of the typical CEO. I want to show the next generation of entrepreneurs that you do not have to do things the traditional route to achieve your dreams,” Carroll emphasizes.

About M Patrick Carroll

M Patrick Carroll is a genuine American success story. Born in Richmond, Virginia, he lived in Tampa, Florida for much of his childhood. After graduating high school, Carroll moved to Atlanta, where he began planning for a real estate career while working as a clothing representative.

After learning about the business world, and gaining many high-level connections, M Patrick Carroll established the CARROLL real estate investment firm in 2004. As the Company’s dynamic Founder and CEO, he quickly became an expert at purchasing and flipping Atlanta-area properties.

Next, Carroll used his growing financial resources to build and sell a 150-home housing development. With those proceeds, he purchased three property management businesses, marking his entry into the multifamily housing market. One year later, CARROLL was actively managing 20,000 units throughout the United States.

Today, M Patrick Carroll plays a key role in many high-profile commercial real estate transactions around the country. Working through CARROLL, and often partnering with institutional investors, he utilizes his keen business acumen to enhance his strong track record of success.


Atlanta-based CARROLL is a respected real estate investment firm established in 2004. Led by M Patrick Carroll, the privately held company executes investment management, construction oversight, and property management services for clients across the United States.

has successfully developed single-family residential communities, student housing complexes, and retail centers. The Company has also completed over $250 million in construction management work for its firm-owned properties and fee partners’ ventures.

To date, CARROLL has played a key role in the acquisition, development, or disposition of more than $12.9 billion of real estate assets. Currently, the Company holds over $5 billion in managed assets.

CARROLL has acquired investment capital by tapping CARROLL-sponsored funds along with engaging in joint ventures. The firm has raised over $2.7 billion of equity as of June 2021.

Although CARROLL has traditionally focused its activities in the Southeast, the Company has recently pursued opportunities in other areas of the United States. With regional offices in Raleigh, Tampa, Houston, and New York, CARROLL is ideally positioned to serve clients around the country.

Recognized Multifamily Communities Expertise

Over the years, CARROLL has purchased numerous multifamily communities around the country. In 2021, the Company manages almost 30,000 units, with most properties located in the Southeast. CARROLL has also acquired other multifamily owners/operators in strategic markets.

Besides property acquisitions, CARROLL provides property and asset management services. CARROLL’s purview also includes fund management activities.

Innovative Real Estate Investment Strategy

To uncover promising investments, CARROLL’s in-house market analysts perform extensive due diligence and monitor emerging market trends. These industry experts know that top-tier investors will likely seize highly visible opportunities. When the herd instinct spurs others to follow the leaders, CARROLL steps into the vacuum to pursue previously ignored market segments.

As M Patrick Carroll guides CARROLL into the future, this successful real estate investment executive combines astute market instincts with his signature bold ambition.

While M Patrick Carroll continues to expand CARROLL’s holdings, he remains connected to his local and regional community. Through his donations and volunteer work, he aspires to help everyone realize a better quality of life.

Originally published at https://beforeitsnews.com on October 13, 2021.



Michael Patrick Carroll is the Founder and CEO of CARROLL, and a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry.

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Michael Patrick Carroll

Michael Patrick Carroll is the Founder and CEO of CARROLL, and a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry.